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CTB-Leaf-TVGuest Post July 20 2017

How to Make a Coffee Table Book

Coffee table books are not only fun conversation starters to keep in your living room, they can also be interesting and useful bodies of work. If you think you have what it takes…

guest-blog-july2017Guest Post July 19 2017

Illustrated Book Publishing: The Basics

So you have an idea for an illustrated gift book, or what we in the industry do not call a “coffee-table book”? How do you go about getting it published? In much the…

SAUV Post July 18 2017

Patrakarita ki duniya mein Blogging ki Khalbali

Shri Uday Sahay, MD of Sauv Communications Pvt. Ltd. and an eminent writer talks about Blogging in the Hindi edition of Hindustan - "Patrakarita ki duniya mein Blogging ki Khalbali"

Coffee-Table-Book-FeaturedGuest Post July 7 2017

How to Create and Publish a Coffee Table Book

A picture speaks a thousand words. This is especially true when it comes to a vibrant and appealing coffee table book. Typically, a coffee table book is a high-quality, large book of illustrations…

Uncategorized May 1 2017

3 design secrets behind big brand logos

Florida-based content marketing agency Fractl recently surveyed 1,000 people about the world's top 50 brand logos, and the results are in. Covering lots of different industries, the survey uncovered some surprising trends designers…

Digital Marketing Company IndiaSAUV Post November 17 2016

Shaping Your Web-Presence with Agility and Iterative Development through Digital Marketing

Implementing your marketing strategies to address various customers online is perhaps the most painful area of concern, however it is the most important aspect of all your digital marketing efforts. Businesses find it…

Social Media Marketing Company IndiaSAUV Post September 18 2016

Impact of Social Media Marketing in Creating Brand-Customer Relations

There’s no doubt in accepting the fact that social media and networks are playing the most important role in shaping impactful marketing strategies. It helps businesses identify how consumers, channels perform online through…

Communication Basics Everyone Should KnowGuest Post September 18 2016

12 Communication Basics Everyone Should Know

You know that saying about not getting a second chance to make a good first impression when you meet someone? Well, when you’re communicating with someone, especially if it’s electronically or by phone,…

Subscribe, like, views… branding it right on YouTubeGuest Post August 1 2016

Subscribe, like, views… branding it right on YouTube

Mikesh Chaudhary and Tanya Nagpal, in a long-distance relationship for three years, decide to move in together. They end up choosing a flat on commonfloor.com, a real estate portal owned by Quikr, with…

Social media mavens: These people make big $$ as Internet personalitiesGuest Post March 16 2016

Social media mavens: These people make big $$ as Internet personalities

This generation's definition of celebrity and entrepreneur is certainly a lot different than how it was used in years past. These social media powerhouses are earning big bucks for simply being themselves and…

Common Branding MistakeGuest Post May 26 2015

Six Common Branding Mistakes

Branding as a subject is often confused with marketing and advertising, thus leading to some avoidable mistakes. A look at six such branding mistakes that companies often commit. Fragmented approach The biggest mistake…

Why PM should not hire a Journalist as Media AdviserSAUV Post April 16 2014

Why PM should not hire a Journalist as Media Adviser

Sanjay Baru’s book – The Accidental Prime Minister – is talk of the cities in India and their select circles. Confirmatory damage it has caused to the mass image of Dr. Manmohan Singh…

Communication challenges for Aam Aadmi PartySAUV Post February 13 2014

Communication challenges for Aam Aadmi Party

Doubling up today as a communication professional and as an involved member of Aam Aadami Party, I have to confront a frequently asked question - "What are the communication challenges that the Aam…

The Castle, the Commoners and their croniesSAUV Post May 12 2012

The Castle, the Commoners and their cronies

Seldom does the Indian media today act as the cronies of the commoners. However, when it does, especially in pelting stones at the castle, it receives the unanimous support of the commoners. This…

how branding is ruining journalismGuest Post November 23 2011

Gene Weingarten: How branding is ruining journalism

Dear Leslie: I am honored that you have chosen me as the subject of your journalism school graduate thesis. At the behest of your instructor, you e-mailed me to ask how I’ve “built…

How Anna beat the govt at the communication gameSAUV Post September 5 2011

How Anna beat the govt at the communication game

The writing on the wall is loud and clear. The communication machinery, method, strategy, substance and speed of the Government of India (GoI) require a complete revamp. If the Anna Hazare agitation was…

What Anna meant to PappuSAUV Post August 29 2011

What Anna meant to Pappu

Mass movement helps clean society's conscience. It fuels the nation's energy afresh. For it brings great transformation in both, the participant and the non-participant observer. Anna's movement meant the same to a bye-stander…

Lessons in public communicationSAUV Post September 30 2008

Lessons in public communication

Public sphere invariably receives and absorbs public communication arrived through emotional route more comfortably than those reaching it through rational route. Members of the public crowd this sphere and media echo their cheers,…

Most viewed on TV: TRP ratingsSAUV Post July 30 2008

Most viewed on TV: TRP ratings

Friday it was. The top TV news channels were offering prayers. Some offered it for a favourable TRP, whereas others for the position number one. Lucky that week was India TV-hitherto perceived as…

Agenda-setting in Indian newspapers?SAUV Post June 25 2008

Agenda-setting in Indian newspapers?

How the media reported about a new transport idea in Delhi. Delhi-based English newspapers wrote understandably a common script on the trials and tribulations of their target readers when they covered BRT corridor…



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